[TRANS] 11.04.15 Junhyung’s Twitter Post.

[TRANS] 배가불렀지  is a nice song~~

[TRANS] EBS similarity, Soul Company !!

[TRANS] It’s late goodnight..

[TRANS] If i had a bad dream, I won’t feel good for the whole day… Even if it’s a good weather, it will be a bad one for me…

[TRANS] Many people tell me that dreams are opposite, if it’s true, nothing can be better than this…. Don’t worry, I need to apologize and thank them. Hope everyone have a great day ahead

[TRANS] I messed up a good song, I’m sorry ㅠㅜ

[TRANS] @helloimys Yoseob ahh, next time must choose a song properly^^

[TRANS] After having dinner, the weather become cooling, this is not normal

Cr:BeastCN(Source); Janelle@MBB(Trans)

Pos ini dipublikasikan di B2ST, Junhyung b2st. Tandai permalink.

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